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Hello! Welcome to Grand Design Nubians, located in west central Missouri. My goal is to breed solid, dependable dairy animals with steady, calm dispositions, low input/high output conversion, pleasing general appearance and mammary systems, and longevity, among other positive traits. I appreciate the strength of the "old-style Nubian" with added refinement and dairy character, and I believe a Nubian dairy goat should have a strong Roman nose and long, belled ears with as little control as possible. If a Nubian has short, controlled ears and a straight face, what makes him different from the other standard dairy goat breeds?



I do not vaccinate my animals. I have not vaccinated any of my stock in over 10 years, and have had no problems. I do test for CAE annually, and all parent animals have been tested (and are normal) for G6S. If you are interested in any of my stock, feel free to contact me for more information, including nitty-gritty subjects such as conformational weaknesses in the lines I work with. I have been burned by breeders hiding knowledge of the weaknesses of their stocks' bloodlines from me, and I won't do it to others. I was once the little girl saving her pennies for an expensive kid, only to have to cull that same animal and its relations. Integrity is a prized value to me; I would rather lose a sale than sell an animal I know has a problem. That being said, there are no perfect animals, and I cannot predict the future. A lot depends on nutrition and care; much of what makes an animal mature to its full potential has to do with management.


I keep careful records on production, traits, and other information I think to be vital in helping me breed for my image of "the ideal Nubian". I participate in CDCB and Linear Appraisal. My herd is CAE negative. All animal pedigrees may be looked up on the American Dairy Goat Association's Genetics page.  


You can use the "Contact Me" page if you have any questions or comments.


Please do not use any images featured on this site without permission.


-Virginia "Ginger" Combs - Grand Design Nubians

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